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In addition to its base of operations in Taiwan, Ri-Thai International Inc. also has production facilities in Guangzhou, China (est. 1993) and Kunshan, China (est. 1997). Furthermore, Ri-Thai has a sixty percent controlling stake in the Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation based in Kunshan. Suntex itself is proud to have inherited the same tradition of quality and dedication to excellence that Ri-Thai has for so long been a part of.
Ri-Thai (Guangzhou) Corporation

Located in southern China, in the province of Guangzhou, the Ri-Thai (Guangzhou) Corporation was originally created to augment Ri-Thai’s production capacities within the context of local demand and also of existing customers in Taiwan and around the world. Today, it is primarily involved in producing monofilament for zipper and hook and loop tape fastener fabrication, as well as a number of other different types of monofilament products. Situated amidst the rapidly growing industries of southern China, Ri-Thai (Guangzhou) Corporation looks to keep up with the torrid pace of local area economic expansion, and to continue meeting the monofilament needs of local area customers.

Our current monthly production capacity is 550 tons.

Ri-Thai (Kunshan) Corporation

Four years after the founding of the Guangzhou plant, Ri-Thai expanded once more, to a plant located near Shanghai in Kunshan, China. In addition to zippers and hook and loop tape fasteners, the Kunshan plant is also heavily involved in the supply of monofilaments for the technical textiles sector, heavy duty usage and polyester strapping. Currently, our monthly production capacity is 450 tons. Moreover, Ri-Thai hopes to utilize the Kunshan plant as a launching point for increased global exposure, and as a means to access the myriad opportunities offered by Chinese economic expansion. In the years to come, Ri-Thai’s Kunshan presence is to be the primary catalyst for its own growth and development.

Suntex Sports-Turf (Kunshan) Corporation

To take advantage of the promising demand for artificial turf, Ri-Thai together with another partner company established the Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation in 2002. Located also in Kunshan, China, Suntex specializes in the production of artificial grass using monofilaments and fibrillated yarns. As a result of the breadth of monofilament yarn and tape supply provided by its mother company and of Suntex’s control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, it is able to satisfy a wide array of artificial grass needs, and has acquired experience in all aspects of artificial grass applications. Currently, Suntex offers both leisure and sports-related turf products, and is also capable of adapting its orders to comply with customer specifications. Its current monthly production capacity is 2,000,000 square meters from 5 tufting machines.

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