Recycled PET monofilament Yarn
October 11, 2022
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    Novel Waterproof / Water-repellent S Type Zipper

    Presenting innovative waterproof zippers meticulously crafted to combine environmental consciousness with remarkable waterproof capabilities.

    Water-repellent S Type Zipper

    Water Pressure Resistance: 0 cm

    • Zipper tapes using PFC-free Water Repellency
    • Zipper teeth with TPU-Seal**: Zipper teeth remain impervious to water seepage
    • Produced without the utilization of organic solvents
    • Applications: Outdoor Water-repellent Apparel / Lightweight Tent

    ** Color options available for zipper teeth seals

    Waterproof S Type Zipper

    • Zipper tapes with TPU-coating
    • Zipper teeth with TPU-seal**: Zipper teeth remain impervious to water seepage
    • Applications: Outdoor Waterproof Apparel / Attire for Outdoor / Fishing Ice Packs / water-repellent Rucksacks / Weatherproof / Ponchos / Waterproof Footwear / Protective Shoe Wraps

    ** Color options are available for the coating of zipper tapes
    and the seals of zipper teeth


    1. Produced without the utilization of organic solvents
    2. Utilizes environmentally friendly TPU Coating and PFC-free Water Repellency
    3. The zipper successfully passed tests for SVHC, organic solvent free, and PFC-free composition.
    4. The TPU coating material can be directly heat-pressed and fused with the fabric, diminishing the need for subsequent sewing processes and contributing to carbon reduction in the manufacturing process.

    Distinctive Square-Head Non-Locking Slider
    Enhances the Water-repellent Effect of the Zipper

    The slider boasts a unique design at its upper and lower extremities, coupled with a zipper that lacks both top and bottom stops. This arrangement allows for a seamless connection between the slider and the product's fabric on both sides, effectively preventing water seepage that can occur due to insufficient closure of the slider and zipper.  

    • The slider's design helps to keep out sand and soil, making it suitable for outdoor commodities.
    • A low-friction design curbs the attrition of water-repellent zippers, reducing the likelihood of damage.