As a team, at Ri-Thai, we are committed to the development of sustainable and innovative products

Ri-Thai’s R&D team always keeps up with the world trends and makes effort to get ahead of the curve, grasping the pulse of the updated industrial dynamics; we keep our persistence in: concentration, in-depth research, innovation, and exploration and organization of ideas from all perspectives.

Our well-experienced R&D team knows customers' needs. Thus we provide customized services and initiatively develop products for versatile applications in different professional fields. We firmly believe that the key to sustainability in business lies in effective innovation and crucial moments for the development of multiple applications. To this end, our colleagues in the R&D team continue to explore new possibilities and dedicate themselves in making differences and achieving perfections.

Environmental sustainability is our current goal at Ri-Thai Group. We use bio-based material and post-consumer recycled materials to develop new products. Our goal is to reduce the use of petro-based materials, increase the production of sustainable products. Meanwhile, a data collection and analysis system that enables us to manage materials, products, and services digitally. Our aim is to improve the efficiency of production, research and development, and product services and reduce waste of resources. In the future, we hope to lead the sustainable development of innovation and sustainability with the mindset of smart manufacturing.