Ri-Thai International Inc. connects our customers and suppliers

In addition to providing high-quality monofilament products, at Ri-Thai International Inc., we have also been exporting zipper fastener-related products for a long period of time. We work with outstanding suppliers to provide a full range of high-quality zipper fastener materials and manufacturing equipment, and we also strive to elevate our expertise and abilities to provide customers with quality services. 

Our company's philosophy is to make quality our top priority. This is also reflected in our choice of suppliers and products. We pay close attention to our suppliers’ qualifications, including equipment, the ability and precision for mold-making, the use of materials, the implementation of production and quality management systems, and even their abilities to innovate and develop products. We encourage us and our suppliers to actively master the newly developed technologies and products in the market to create a win-win situation for our partnership.

With long-term cooperation with suppliers, we have built a partnership based on great teamwork and mutual trust. As a coordinator between customers and suppliers, we provide the best service and effective communication and develop product technology. We have become a trusted partner to both our customers and suppliers, and together we create a new value for the zipper fastener industry.




-Material: Polyester, Metal, Plastic, Rhinestone, Invisible, Water proof
-Type: Long chain, closed-end, open-end, 2-way open-end finished zipper



- Material: Zinc alloy, Plastic
- Type: Auto lock slider, Spring lock slider, Non lock slider, Pin lock slider, Auto lock reverse slider, Non lock reverse slider, Spring lock reverse slider


Other Accessories

Pin/Box, PET reinforcing film, Polyester filler cord, Sewing thread, Top/Bottom stop


Finishing Equipment

for making Polyester, Metal, Plastic, Invisible zipper