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July 8, 2020
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July 3, 2019
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    Home Textile

    Monofilament yarn has become a trend in home textiles. Not only it enhances the strength of the fabrics, but also it has better transparency and shine.

    Use TPEE monofilament yarn to create fabrics that are free flowing and with soft, comfortable texture. The TPEE thermoplastic elastomer material includes both the characteristics of rubbers and engineering plastics, therefore, the TPEE monofilament yarn has excellent elasticity and recoverability, as well as great strength in physical properties and the ability for weaving processing.

    In addition, combining TPEE and bi-component structure and applying bonding at the stage of fabric setting can produce consistent, neat, and presentable fabrics after thermo-fixing, and at the same time save energy and reduce production cost.

    Thermoplastic Elastomer Monofilament yarnBi-component monofilament yarn